Obscene Corner, 2012‑2015

Human hair.

Made out of my own hair which I collected from my bathtub after showering, and then rolled and squeezed between my hands. It is expected to cause some discomfort, but what is this? Some nest that looks rather filthy – what is this for? A fetish object? Cocoons? It
seems quite perverse.

Chaste, 2014‑2015


Pubic hair, horse hair and pearl.

A body piece/object made from bleached pubic hair, horse hair, and a delicate pearl. Although it seems like a bracelet, the work cannot be used because it doesn’t function. There is no system to open and close. It seems possible go through it and “penetrate” it, but it is not possible, and if you insist you will maybe break and destroy it.

Flourish I, 2015



Pubic hair and leather.

At first sight, some similarities can be established with flowers. This creative work was made especially for touching, or to be used on the nipples, and it is made from a combination of pubic hair with leather. When the hair starts to grow on the body, and pubic hair appears, this defines the time of sexual maturity and the passage from childhood to adolescence. Where was the innocence, was it lost?

Bodily Nature/The Great Orifice, 2014-2015


Pubic hair, horse hair and oxidised silver.

A body piece made with pubic hair, tightly knotted and attached one by one to a single horse hair, used as a structure to hold the shape. This work can be placed around the neck, preferably a long neck, which can suggest a phallic element. In this work, the connection with female genitals is probable.